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Dear Friend,

Have you struggled to succeed in your online business but have so far gotten no results? It is not a case that your pursuits are unrealistic, the problem is you are not being given access to the right information and products you need for your success. I am an internet marketer with many years of experience. Over that time, I have witnessed many product launches that share the promise of - "getting rich quick!" True, to some extent many of these products deliver what they promise but the big question is "do they really provide the tools you need to become financially independent?" Most online money-making programs are designed around turning you into an affiliate or a pay-per-click marketer usually with minimal success for youself. In each case you can make money but not without making multiple sales for the designers of the program.


So, where is the financial independence? How can you claim success when you are still very much dependent upon another person or group? I am not discouraging you from affiliate marketing nor am I trying to imply that affiliate marketing is dead (of course that is not true because it is still very strong and will remain so for years to come). What I am trying to emphasize is, there are a lot of truths which no one will share on how to set up your own online business empire. This should be your utmost priority as it is the only real way to achive financial independence (rather than you expending all your valuable time and efforts marketing for someone else).

It's extremely frustrating for a marketer to have spent all their time setting up a website only to find that the income is a fraction of what they thought it would be, even though the keywords were good, the niche was good and the traffic is good, but the income just sucks big time. How can you achieve the income levels that these top name marketers have?


The problem with many of the programs you get from the big name marketers is that they only have part of the information you need in order for them to succeed. Quite often vital steps and pieces of information will be omitted from these programs so you are left scratching your head and wondering what you are missing. It drives you mad to realize that you have a part of the key to success but are missing something, a vital component that you need in order to make it work. It's like buying a new car and then finding that you don't get given an ignition key to start it up!

There is, however, a secret that these marketers are using which helps them to increase their profits month on month so that they make more and more money. When you know this secret and apply it you will find your income starts to increase steadily over time until it gets to the levels you always dreamed about having, but never thought it would really happen.

Wouldn't you like to know what this secret is and how you can apply it to your business, to increase your income so there is more money in your pocket?

I bet you would be very interested in knowing the guru's secret and how they create the kind of income that most people only ever dream of ...

You've heard it a thousand times "The Money Is In The List" and the reason why is's true. With out an audience you have no one to read your newsletter, no one to show your products to and no one to sing to, period.

And if you are not in "THE KNOW" you could be left singing without an audience!

Now with that behind us let's get to the good news...


Not 1, not 10... a collection of "40" HOT topic crash course information products you can call your own!

You will be the go to information person!

Start your own coaching program and trickle the information out

Your subscriber will love that you have the answers to their questions

Full Private Label Rights are included as well as "Sales Page, Download Page, Squeeze Page, PSD (create your own ecovers and site images), doc and txt files. Sale them indiviually. Use the squeeze page to build your list.

So what can you do with these products?

Create an information ebook
Create marketing articles
Start an information coaching program
Give out tips, advice, and technical support
Help solve questions for your subscribers
Create original content from the courses
and more...

After all...You Will Be The Info GURU!




Here's a sample list of the products you will be proud to call your own...

  -10 Days Membership Profits
  -Simple Traffic Tactics
  -Introduction To Niche Marketing
  -Home Biz Tips
  -Presell To Profit

And Dozens More...

With several years of perfecting how to get the most out of it I have arrived at not only a great formula, but, have a super massive list to prove it.

This simple bare bones, nuts and bolts formula will not only build and develop your audience but will also get you starting selling online in record time!

If time is money then by natural laws the reverse is true and if you are not having successes like this then your are not making money online, which...let's face it, is why you are here in the first place. Right??

This simple formula will not only get you building an audience but start you on the way to immediately on selling to them.

The information formula is simply amazing and even if you have attempted using these techniques previously without success you will immediately see how to turn those actions around to a very profitable and bankable benefit. Knowledge plus action equal success!

What Our Customers Have To Say

"Now I'm Happy!"

The Info Guru literally saved my life. I was headed up a one way for disaster trying to find the best ways to build an effective list of contacts. I was buying new e-books every other day, wasting money that I already didn't have and investing hours and hours on dead end research. Luckily, a friend of mine referred me to the Info Guru package and with the information it gave me I started generating new leads and building my list instantly. After several months of failed attempts I finally found something that works. I couldn't be happier! - Jason

"Two Thumbs Up!"

After spending the past year and a half trying to grow my business with such slow progress, I came so close to giving up. One day I was online researching as usual, and stumbled on The Info Guru. I expected it to fail me like the other techniques that I bought into before, but I figured I would give it a try since they also give you a starter kit bonus with 30 free multi niche crash courses. After only 12 days of following the steps and instructions, I was completely blown away by the results! I generated over 500 new leads in only 12 days! That usually took me over 3 months to do before. After 30 consistent days of using these guides and following the crash courses my sales started to increase and now I'm making more profits than I ever made before! - Scott

"Couldn't Be Easier..."

The Info Guru gives you step by step instructions on how to build your list with effective and active leads to help increase your sales right away. It's not a joke or gimmick. Every single step was so easy and the results were unbelievable. I was able to get over 200 targeted contacts and 16 sales in my very first week, which for me is unheard of! I would recommend The Info Guru package to anyone who wants to grow their business and build a massively effective list in a short period of time! - Alan (The Information Overlord)

"Out Of My Funk!"

I've worked with affiliate marketing for years now and like most people the results are slow and gradual. You can make money, but very slowly. That's the most frustrating thing in the world when you want to make money fast and started getting paid for your hard work. I didn't get into the online business to make slow, gradual money. I purchased the Info Giuru package last month and I no longer rely on affiliate marketing to survive. I've been able to create my own list of subscribers with the information these courses offered and keep building it every day. Sky is the limit now! - John

"It's Simple And It Works"

These products are filled with new, innovative tips and strategies that you will NOT find any where else. They showed me how to build a profitable list in under 30 days. I've read tons of books on how to increase your audience and build your list, but nothing has compared to the Info Guru package. If you follow the steps they teach you, I guarantee you will increase your list and start seeing immediate results. They truly outdid themselves with this one! - Leticia


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David Railey

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