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The Ultimate Graphics Package

Are you looking for the very best quality graphics for your online business?

At prices that won't break the bank?
Take a look at this amazing package that we are offering. And No!, that price is not a miss print!

Dear Subscriber

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed when looking for suitable royalty free graphics online. I can remember only to well when I was putting my first product together and I was under the false impression that a simple Google search would provide me with all of the royalty free graphics that I would ever need.

How Wrong Could I Have Been!

It didn't take long for me to realise that I really couldn't have been more wrong. I spent hours going from one website to another, each one promising royalty free graphics of the highest quality, but when it actually came to reading the small print on each one of these websites, it didn't take long for me to realise that I was walking into a very dangerous minefield which could have ended up with me making one of the biggest mistakes of my business life.

It soon became apparent that the majority of these graphics were not royalty free at all, in fact some of the websites didn't even have permission to sell them which could very well have had severe consequences for me. Those websites that were selling these graphics legitimately often came with a nasty surprise as they were really very expensive, it was not unusual to put a few basic images in the shopping cart only to find that the total payable ran into hundreds of dollars.

There Must Be Another Way

I'll be totally honest with you, after that experience I thought about giving up on my search for high quality royalty free graphics but after dusting myself down I made it my mission to acquire the very best that royalty free graphics can offer, so that I could use them myself and also offer them to my highly valued clients.

If you have dealt with me in the past you will probably be only to well aware that once I set my mind on something there really is no stopping me. I love a good challenge and believe you me, finding top quality royalty free graphics in the numbers that I was looking for certainly was a challenge, in fact it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it was one of the biggest challenges that I have faced in business.

My Hard Work Started To Pay Off

When you see what I have to offer you though, I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that the results of this challenge were definitely worth it. I am 100% confident when I say that you will never have seen a selection of top quality royalty free graphics like this.

One of my clients summed it up perfectly when he said that having access to these graphics was like being one of the owners of istockphoto!

Please don't make the mistake of thinking that these images are the ten to the dozen type of thing that you may have come across in the past. Nothing could be further from the truth because there is one word to describe these images and this would be quite simply, 'Quality'

In fact, I would go as far as to say that if you wanted to go out and buy all of these royalty free images separately, you would be looking at paying out thousands of dollars, even one would set you back far more than you would probably imagine.

I am extremely proud of absolutely everything that I offer to my customers but even if I say so myself, even I have exceeded myself in terms of quality with this fantastic offer. It doesn't matter if you intend to use these graphics on your own website or if you are going to offer them to your own subscribers.

You will be instantly catapulted to the status of 'expert' by anyone who sees what you are involved with and you surely don't need me to tell you what that kind of status can do for you and your business.

Just to give you a further idea about what you are dealing with here, when you arrive at the download page I have had to take the precaution of putting in place more than one download link in order to stop your computer from crashing.

I know you are probably asking yourself what type of graphics does this offer contain, well the following will give you an idea but these are just a small selection of what you can expect.

premium header templates

graphics pack buttons arrows price tag special offers


graphics pack - add to cart price tags

new for 2014

website templates pack

graphics pack font action scripts


green hurry up banner

hurry up banner

low price banner

red hurry up banner

time is counting banner


Not to mention you will also receive the following image buttons in your download files:

the ultimate graphics pack ebook blue bullet check 100% Guarantee Buttons
blue bullet check Free
blue bullet check Dollar Signs
blue bullet check Bullets
blue bullet check Download
blue bullet check Order Buttons
blue bullet check Arrows
blue bullet check Discount images
blue bullet check Contact Us
blue bullet check Join Now
blue bullet check Computer Images
blue bullet check Help
blue bullet check Icon

more graphics pack

more graphics pack

more graphics pack

more graphics pack

more graphics pack

Your Very Own, Highly Profitable,
Royalty Free Graphics Business

Now, what you do with these graphics is obviously entirely up to you but you could quite easily set yourself up in the online graphics business and place yourself in such a way so that you would be in a great position to be able to offer your customers the very best royalty free graphic that are on the market today.

You could set up a membership website for which your members would pay you a monthly fee in order to gain access, or how about building a list so that you could mail out offers of different royalty free graphic packs on a regular basis.

These are just a few of the options that are open to you and there really are many more where they came from

So, I have already explained why you would be extremely hard pressed to find anything of this quality or value for money online today, but how about if I sweetened the deal even further and included some fabulous bonuses in to the package.

As An Extra Special Bonus

I have decided to include an unbelievable selection of mini sites that all come with master resale rights. These mini sites can only be described as stunning, each one of them professionally designed to the very highest standard which will go along way to cement your reputation as a true internet marketing professional.

Again, the ways of making money from these mini sites are to numerous to mention and is really down to your own imagination but when you are dealing with the very best quality it gives you the confidence to know that you can use these mini sites in any way that you choose.

Your Investment

Before I tell you the price of this extraordinary package I can only guess what you are thinking. It will be something like, 'That all sounds brilliant Sam, but there is no way that I have got a couple of hundred dollars to spend at this particular time'.

I know that feeling only to well, I can remember as if it was yesterday when there was no way that I could afford a royalty free graphics package like this. I know what it is like to see something that you just know will be able to send your business up to the next level but not being to able to afford it any way.

A Price That You Just Cannot Refuse!

After lots of careful consideration I came up with the price of $27 for this royalty free graphics package which will catapult your business to the next level.

However, it also occurred to me that if I could bring this price down even lower, to a level so that you will not even have to think about making a purchase, it would enable so many people to take advantage of this royalty free graphics package but also give any one who has not purchased anything from me before, to experience the extraordinary value for money that I always give to my valued customers.

So, with that in mind I am prepared to make this offer to you today, you can download the entire royalty free graphics package, as well as the bonuses for the give a way price of only $10.00.


new for 2014

Instantly grab the attention of all your website visitors with this...

"Brand New Package Of Over 1,000
Top Quality Animated Web Graphics!"

Ready To Go In Minutes.
Plus You Get Full Source Files!!

Take a look at these graphics for yourself...

Some samples of the animated
graphics in this package...

Over 1 GIGABYTE Of Graphics!

As you can see, these are really professional graphics. They were all designed by a real graphics pro who charges up to $100 an hour for custom work. This is really high quality stuff. So you can actually feel good about putting these graphics on your site.

I think you will agree that this is without a doubt the best graphics package available.

Take advantage of this incredible deal while you can.

Order Ultimate Graphics Pack Now For ONLY $4.97

Master Resell Rights With
Sales/Thank You Pages Included



Turbo Power Graphics

Attention: Internet Marketers…How are the Graphics on Your Websites? Introducing…

The Insane Graphics Blowout from Turbo Power Graphics

“Demand Your Visitors’ Attention And Captivate Them With Our Blowout
Graphics Package!”

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Right this very second, there could be a visitor on your website who is about to leave because your graphics are sloppy and unprofessional. You could be LOSING MONEY all because of the graphics which rest on your website!

That can all change today, though! With our amazing graphics package, your site will be sharp, attractive and professional – and you will never lose money because of your graphics again!

Research has proven that website visitors are directly affected by the visual aspects of a website. Your website is the first impression visitors get of you, your services or your products. If that impression isn’t good – you ARE LOSING MONEY!

Think about this – if you walked into a grocery store and it was filthy, with dust all over the place and hand-written signs everywhere – you would probably think twice before purchasing from that store.

However, if you walked into a gleaming and bright store, with neat, professional signs and organized merchandise – you’d have no problem shopping there, right? The same goes with your website. You want the visitor to stay and become a customer.

We’re going to ensure that you stop losing money today. Our graphics are top-notch, and we offer 10 different and unique graphics packages – all yours for one low price! Take a look at just what you receive.

10 Main Sales Pages – unique and beautiful in basic design.

10 Main Sales Pages with an Opt-In Header – allowing your visitors to quickly and easily leave their contact details while you build your subscriber list.

10 Thank You Pages – letting your customers know you appreciate their order.

10 One Time Offer or Special Offer Pages – so you can alert your customers to unique deals and savings or limited opportunities.

10 Testimonial Boxes in basic design – so your customers will know the level of quality you provide and the level of happiness previous customers have experienced.

10 Video Testimonial Boxes, beautifully designed and ready for your video testimonials.

10 Audio and Photo Testimonial Boxes, ready for you to insert your pictures and testimonials of past customers

10 Squeeze Pages in Basic Designs – all unique and beautiful.

10 Squeeze Pages Featuring Audio Capabilities, ready for your voice over features.

10 Squeeze Pages Featuring Video Capabilities so you can enter your introduction or other videos.

10 Review Pages, allowing you to post reviews of your product so your visitors know the value.

10 Adsense Ready Pages so you can paste your adsense codes with no problem at all.

10 Sets of Matching Trimmings – including bullets, checkmarks, ‘buy now’ buttons and the blank order buttons.

WOW – That’s Over $1997 In Products, But Today – You Get Them For An Insane Blowout Price!

Curious to See Our Beautiful Designs?

The Main Sales Pages are below, and include a ‘Thank You’ page for when your customers purchase, as well as an ‘Opt-in’ page and a ‘Special Offer’ page. Compare these beautiful and sharp screenshots of the designs with your own website and determine which one you’d rather purchase from…

No website is complete without the testimonials and our top-notch designers have cooked up some attractive and professional testimonial boxes for you – including video testimonial, text testimonial and audio and photo testimonial boxes.

Your squeeze pages are oh-so-important for collecting contact information, building your subscriber list and prepping the visitor for the purchase. Our professional and beautiful squeeze pages will demand the attention of your visitors and captivate them – ensuring that you get that contact info.

We also include video opt-in pages, allowing you to seamlessly insert your autoresponder code!

On pages where you simply want to place a lone video, you can do so with the beautiful and professional video boxes below.

Of course, you will need all the trimmings for your gorgeous website, including bullets, checkmarks and ‘buy now’ buttons…

We’ve included gorgeous matching adsense ready and review page templates as well..

Of Course There Is A BONUS...
Custom Logo Collection

These graphics provide you with complete websites that are professional, beautiful and feature rich color and visual stimulation. These graphics are the difference between closing the sale and missing out on the sale.

We’re offering something our competitors DO NOT OFFER – these packages are all completely different. They’re not just the same images with different colors – they are unique and each one is beautiful. They’re designed so that they can be used with any sort of online business and still create the success you want and deserve!

If you don’t believe the graphics are that important – think again. All huge companies invest money in exceptional graphics for their marketing. It’s a fact that without these graphics, sales fall flat.

For instance, visit any huge online retailer and check out the graphics on their website – they do not have crummy, unprofessional images. You can be sure that no expense was spared when they purchased their graphics – and you can get amazing, attractive graphics too.


The difference – with our blowout graphics offer, you will not pay top dollar – in fact, you’re going to get this package – including all 10 unique designs for a ridiculously low price!

And did I mention you get...

Yes! I’m ready to receive my Turbo Power graphics package, complete with 10 unique graphic sets and everything I need to make a major-seller out of my website!

Yes! I’m ready to receive Resell Rights to Turbo Power graphics package, so I too can profit from the fantastic package when offered to my customers!

I understand that I’ll be paying the ridiculously low price of $4.97! for this package ONLY ONE TIME and can use these graphics over and over again!

Master Resell Rights With
Sales/Thank You Pages Included

Don’t ever miss out on sales again, simply because of your graphics! Use our graphics package to create a professionally designed, richly colored and beautiful website that will captivate your visitors and bring in the profits!

David Railey

P.S. Yes, it’s an extremely low price – so order now before we’re completely sold out of these sets. You will not find a better deal online for 10 unique and high-quality graphics sets!

P.S.S. This limited graphic collection can turn your sales completely around! Get it now and experience the benefits of amazing, richly colored and beautiful graphics.


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